Sunday, May 10, 2009

She is my mom….

What would our lives be like with out mom near?

Incredible work she does day long, and even through out the year,

From taking care of all with a sensitive side and an understanding too,

That without mom the world be in a stew,

Our childish needs are fulfilled as mom play a role,

To nurture and love every one even.

From being a mom to working a job her life is so erratic,

Never taking a rest because there’s work to be done,

Neither sitting nor being static,

And beauty behold a pleasure to see and often with such grace,

I thank you lovely mom for giving us a splendid life,

I applaud your labors as I watch you work, with a cup of tea held in my hand,

So cheers to you and I thank our god for bearing such wonderful fruit,

By the way dear mom

If you get the chance can you please make me sleep on your lap.


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