Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sweet or sober….

The most talented person, caring, loving, friend, helpful above all my sweet heart. Well I cannot use more adjectives to describe him. He stood by my side mostly in my hard times, gave a hand and lifted me up when I fell down and boosted my spirits when ever I felt low. When we laugh there are so many people beside us but when we cry we stand all alone like a dried cactus in the desert.

We do not have a blood relationship. But still it’s great the way we are. I believe blood relationship never continues when we are in the hospital and we actually require a bottle of blood! It’s strange but true.

On a fine day I was enthralled when he held my hand and told me that I mean the whole world. He was emotional that day. A drop of tear just rolled out on my cheeks when I heard these words from a person whom I had just thought a friend and whom I treated like a total stranger initially, had more than 100 doubts about the person when I met him for the first time.

Everything moved on well on a smooth platform. A fateful day brought tough luck to me. I was hospitalized. I had in fact survived a terrible accident. May be if this accident would not have happened in my life. Something good would have happened by now.

But I feel god always gives me the best. Even the doctors could not imagine that I would recover so quickly. By the time I could recover the world had turned upside down. My will and wish was shattered. I had to take the decision of my life. Till then the person who had held my hand and was with me in all my up’s and down’s did not hold my hand. He had by then become prey in the hands of eagle called situation.

Everything was over and life was on a standstill. One fine day I received a call and heard the same voice which said “I still love you; nobody can fill your place in my heart”. By hearing these words, my eyes filled with tears. My heart rejoiced silently there was happiness and pain like a mother giving birth to a child.

A friend’s call and her comforting words made me remember all this. I am not sure weather to call it a sweet or a sober memory.

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