Thursday, November 27, 2008

Realizing a sunset.

Around 5:30pm, I was on the bus one day and everybody on the bus was quiet.  Thank god the bus was not crowded. I usually hate traveling by city buses in Bangalore. People in the bus looked like they had just gotten off from work, students had just finished their last class and everybody was a little tired from a long day. Everybody had someone to speak with. Woman discussing about, what to cook for dinner? College girls deciding, which dress to be worn tomorrow to college? Very interesting gossips.

It wasn’t a particularly good day for me either as I was feeling quite tired. I was just looking outside of the window without any specific thought in my mind. Just enjoying my favorite song, this was playing in my ears with the help of my cell phone. It was the same view I have seen many times before, people hurrying home, bad traffic jams, ruthless auto drivers, horns etc. Totally uninteresting. 

In front of me, there was a guy sitting in the seat who didn't look too clean. As he was looking out of the window, the guy suddenly turned to me and pointed at something outside. “Hey, look, look.” He had a big smile on his face. I turned to the direction he was pointing in and there it was...the beautiful sankey tank burning with a beautiful sunset. The lake was coated with bright orange light and shadows. It was spectacular. He turned to other people on the bus and told them to look at the sunset.  He repeated, “Wow” and “it’s so beautiful, “again and again. Everybody enjoyed the view indeed. 

The amazing view also helped me to end my long tiring day with a good feeling in my heart. But, more importantly, I was so inspired to see that this guy wanted to share the beautiful view with everybody on the bus, totally strangers. His kind act made me feel like I do when I accidentally find something that I had lost which I didn’t even know I had lost. He made me realize that I had lost the feelings and the excitement I used to have everyday. In the midst of my chaotic life, many things had lost their color and movement. Yes, I realized I had lost many people also. I chose to be alone. But he reminded me that things are still there they never get lost. The sun will obviously come back with a spectacular view.

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