Thursday, November 27, 2008

Something creative

This is a creative love letter I received from an unknown person. It was written in terrible hand writing on a small piece of handmade paper. It goes like this...


You take a place in my heart

... because you take four minutes to wash your hands and face
and you wash them more than ten times in a day.
... because you can only focus on one thing at a time.
... because you get angry very soon and shout at people.
... because you pause movies when people are talking.
... because you are always a little mean before you are nice.
... because you hate technology but still depend on it.
... because you are silent.
…because you write lots.

…because you are very religious and holy.

…because of simply that you are.
So, I write, in my terrible handwriting, on this beautiful piece of paper. I don't write I love you but you could if you wanted. Then on the back I have written a little something. “I know what your reply will be. Keep smiling always. I wont force you”


Hmmmm….. strange people on this earth you see.

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