Monday, August 11, 2008


My documentary ‘Bombegala sutha’ it simply means the art of doll making. Chennapatna, a small town in Karnataka is famous for Lacquer ware products. Well, I had lot of dreams for this project which I had worked on from almost a year! Hmmm... Lot of hard work for it you see. I always dreamt of this project while I was working on other projects.

Being a media student I have more than 10 documentaries which add on to my credit. But this one was a big tragedy. All my hard work went to drains when I met with an accident, before I could start shooting. We were just 10km away from chennapatna. Our car had fallen into a ditch. It was a great escape for me. I hit my head to the front glass and the glass was shattered into pieces. That right moment when I saw all those after I crawled out of the car the first thing that came to my mind was my dads face.

Like the glass my dreams also were shattered. All these happened on 6th of June 2008. Then onwards started my days of agony. After the accident I asked my professor whether still we should shoot. He said yes we should. I had all plans to quit shooting and get back to Bangalore.

My head was bleeding. It was only me who was hurt badly in the accident and yes of course my car. Others did not have a single scratch on their body. I don’t know which good lord gave me the strength. The whole day I was shooting till stars were in the sky. Till then I never ate anything the whole day. Except three cups of tea. This is very little for me because I am addicted to tea.

Shooting was successfully completed. But post production actually started after a long gap. My practical exams were nearing for which I needed to submit this project. Otherwise there were all possible chances of me flunking in my PG exams. God! What an insult? I really would not have tolerated this thing.

My voice over was the worst though script was excellent. After a real battle with regard to editing I ultimately won the battle. I somehow completed the stuff just for the heck of it. Till today I want to re edit it but it’s not happening.

What ever it may be this project gave me a re birth. Taught me many lessons in life. The dream to telecast this documentary in any TV channels has grown and become a tree now. Hope that I will make it big one day.

Moral of the story: Always wear seat belts; do not over speed because life is precious. And for me it’s NEW HOPES, NEW LIFE.

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  1. I am glad you escaped serious injury. When I grew up, we did not even have seat belts, yet somehow I lived! I started wearing mine when I had my children and knew that there was no one else who would raise them and care for them as I was entrusted to do. It is a habit now. I feel strange if I don't buckle it right away.