Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas is the time to only connect

Christmas is a season of connectedness of human beings with god and with one another. I still cherish the memories of December month. It was a special month simply because we celebrated Christmas with everyone. Secret Santa games, making crib, Christmas tree. God! How beautiful those days were. I know now I can never do all these things now because I am out of college. I can only kneel down in front of Jesus and just pray.

Though I am not a Christian by birth, thoughts and practices of Christianity have had a great impact on me. I do pray to lord Jesus and visit churches regularly. May be this is because I have studied in Christian institutions.

Well for many connectedness simply means parties, celebrations, family dinners etc. all this of course makes us feel good as long as we are in company. But we get lonely once the party is over.

One way to escape from this loneliness is to discover that our connectedness results not so much from what we do together but from realising what we are. The celebration of Christmas is basically about who we are. Christmas actually tells us that god is with us.

Our sympathy for AIDS victims is untarnished. We offer money to some poor man on the street whom we are not related to. By this other few instances we should discover that each one is bonded together by our participation in the life that comes as god’s gift. Close your eyes and listen to the silent music of your heart.

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