Monday, November 3, 2008


Why did I ever think of you to be the love for me?

When I already know you were made for someone better than me

Why did I love you the way I did?

Why did I love you more than I could?

I don’t know how the days of finally losing you would be

But my broken heart has the strength to lose love and pain to reap

Why did all my dreams shatter and come to an end?

It is I think because I got a new friend called loneliness

Can I hope at least you would be my best friend?

Or will I just be left with me and myself as a friend

Why did I ever fall in love with you?

Why did I ever write these lines of love for you?

I write this line thinking of someone like you in my head

God knows how I would accept someone else in your place

Now that I walk this way of my life

On the roadside I see a flower

A tear rolls down my cheek, because I know I can never give you a flower

Never write a letter to you

I think of the past and present days going ahead

I have had good and bad times as well

The youth stage has passed and I am getting older

This is making me accept the hard truth that you have walked out of the door

For the joy full and fun loving person I was

Now heartbroken and lonely at present times

I spend with a smile and sparkle in my eyes

When I am out and low, I have friends of course

But I always look out for your hands to wipe my tears

Trying to be very strong from inside

But most of the time I fail

A bit of success, work, friends and parents makes me to forget about you

But the thoughts of you come back and say ‘hello’

There was days when your presence was a habit

But now your absence is also become a habit

Trying to make my heart a stone

I now walk alone on this lonely road

With the word ‘LIFE MOVES ON'

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