Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Simply fresh; Psycho

Psycho is a suspense thriller, perhaps one of the best films in the suspense genre that the Kannada industry has seen. Totally the film matches the hype and expectations built around it. The release of psycho no doubt created curiosity because of the suspense built around the star cast and also the popularity gained by the music much before the release of the film. The film is no doubt a innovative concept.
Director Devadatta’s debut movie is technically rich. Devadutta has cleverly inserted songs. Dialogues in the movie are very crisp and also are a blend of literature. Psycho appeals largely because of the hard work put in by its talented technicians headed by director Devadatta. Music director Raghu Dixit has composed extra ordinary songs for the film, while cinematographer Saba Kumar comes out a winner with his top rated photography. And Kemaparaj’s editing work, art department work by Balu are examples of superb craft. The film ends as a razor sharp thriller which makes you sit on your seat's edge many a time. The shot compositions and background colours perfectly convey the mood of the film. Though technically rich, few aberrations in the film show the weakness of the script. Some facts in the film cannot be accepted and finally the viewer may come to a conclusion that after all films is not reality rather its dramatic. The story revolves around the hero (His name is not revealed any time in the film) who prefers a lonely life. He stalks a girl called Pavana who has just joined as a television anchor. Pavana slowly understands the presence of an unknown person who holds her hand out of every tough situation she falls into. The hero is so possessive about Pavana that he turns to violent ways whenever somebody misbehaved. He interacts with Pavana through his mobile phone, which gets a number change every time he speaks. Pavana almost decides to meet him and even propose to him when she gets some startling information about him. This piece of information makes Pavana change her mind. What happens later is best to be watched on screen.
New comers, Dhanush and Anita who have acquitted well. Both these artists deserve to get more space in Kannada films in the future. Though these artists are not a handsome hunk and a glamorous beauty. Anywhere through out the film its difficult to identify that Dhanush and Anita are newcomers. Raghu Dixit’s music rocks and song picturization is top class.
Despite all these I feel psycho is flop because there were hardly any people in the theatre to watch the film. But each one should be glad that psycho has given a good hero, heroine, cinematographer, director and of course music director. Do watch psycho for a musical and technical treat. Do not miss this fresh innovative thriller.

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