Friday, December 28, 2007


You were always in my thoughts. And now the thoughts of you are even more intense. It’s true that we have part ways. Oh god! I can’t believe that I left you and came so far. Whenever I think of you my dear friend you will bring memories and blossoms all over again.

I would slip into nostalgia and say oh! How beautiful each bloom was, one out beating the other. I look around everywhere for that same flower. The one who was my friend dearest and later on became my sweetheart. The one who each time boosted my spirits. He is the best flower of the spring. Sad, now this flower is fluttering some where far away from me.

I am sure he will spread fragrance where ever he goes. May he flourish charming and radiant. Always spreading happiness to every one around. I wish him good luck on the long way. He is a sturdy shelter for me. Like the setting sun he sheds kindly light on everyone.

The hope and confidence given by you to succeed in life, I will always cherish. Moreover your pure love is my biggest strength. I will not tell you to keep up the promises which we have made to each other. This moment words fail to express my feelings towards you. But I know one thing is for sure. Everything is in the heart in loads and tons. I know you and you know me that’s enough we need not prove in front of the world. I am waiting to come back and be yours forever…..


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