Friday, December 28, 2007


The idea of pure love should be nurtured. A girl and a boy’s world come crashing down because their love is either rejected or ignored. As an individual you should remind yourself that your lover is only one aspect of that pure idea.

Your love encompasses so many others; your mother, father, brother, sister for instance. They are all forms or all waves in the ocean of love. A human being has an enormous capacity to love, and he is capable of loving many in his life.

In other words you should not restrict your love to only one person. Your lover is only a tiny expression of your capacity to love.

So don’t get depressed or think of ending your life just because a minute part of your huge potential called love is refused by your lover.

The tendency is that when you go through heartache in love, you vow never to love again. This is a huge mistake; it is a miscalculated step that can deprive you of experiencing pure love, ultimately.

Love is like a ladder that helps you attain higher and higher levels of loving consciousness. It could start with one person and end with totality.

Love is the beginning, god is the end. Oh! What a bargain, one has to share and accept love to attain god or rather, to become one with god. Love is painful sometimes, because it is not real love.

Real love is when one does not expect anything from the person you love. Love wholeheartedly and don’t expect anything in return. There is bound to be disappointment and frustration, if you lay down specification for your love.

The selfish attitudes that arise out of attachment is the root cause for love becoming painful. We never seem to be satisfied with the return that others offer.

Even if the journey of love is not smooth, go for it. If you don’t dive into the river of love, how will you reach the ocean? Life would not be a pilgrimage without the pain and suffering wrought by love.

Of course love is going to be painful but one would reach higher levels of consciousness with the help of it. Creativity reaches its zenith when one is in love. It is out of agony that ecstasy is born.

You might want to reach the ecstasy stage without going through the pain of loving but it’s just not possible. You have to go through the dark night to be able to appreciate the sight of beautiful sunrise.

So don’t be apprehensive about going through agony because, remember it ultimately leads to bliss. Bliss which is the purpose and goal of life. Don’t feel guilty when you have indulged in a relationship because there is an intense possibility of love arising out of it.

Love is a higher experience than lust. Even if lust is mud, the lotus of love could bloom from it. There are three kinds of people, one kind of people believe that physical attraction is the beginning and the end of love as they miss out on the opportunity to grow.

The other kind abstains from the physical relationship as they neither recognise it as the beginning nor the end so lose out on the enormous opportunity to evolve.

The third kind knows that right physical chemistry is the beginning, not the end, a means to attain higher levels of consciousness. It is a mere guide to the attainment of god.

So don’t shy away from love, for you can’t know of god and attain bliss unless you know what pure love is.


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