Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Love and life

Come along with me, says love ‘n’ life.

Yes they say, ride over my back and smile a ton

They say, I will make you see a new horizon

they say, be mine and I will be yours forever

They say and they always say

I’m with you always
don’t worry, we will cross all the rivers together

They say we will cross the mountains and touch the sky
I will take you beyond the realities

they promise you everything

They stay with you always

They give you everything
and take everything from you too

yes, they make you smile once,

But make you cry hundred times
Yes, they make you see the horizon,

But beyond which you find yourself standing alone
Yes, they stay with you forever,

but till your and their time gets over

Yes, they make you cross all the rivers,

but they don’t make you return back to your land
Yes, they make you cross the mountains,

but beyond which they don’t accompany you
Yes, they take you beyond the realities,

but nothing seems real when they part away

Yes, they promise you everything and break each one
Yes, they give you everything,

but take the most precious thing from you, your time
This is the game of life ‘n’ love, which every being plays
Till the end of their time and looses the one to win forever.

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