Sunday, August 9, 2009

Friend To Me

What a friend means to me
is more then I can describe,
They make me laugh,
they make me cry,
its hard to think
how life would be if I didn’t have friends,
if I only had me,
its not that I’m not independent and strong,
I enjoy my own space yet I feel alone,
In my heart I hold my friends dear,
they’re a part of my life which I love to share.
And then one day our friendship grew,
I hadn’t noticed the attraction before
but somehow I knew,
from the look in your eyes
the touch of your hand,
the warmth and the glow you’ve weakened me boy,
once I’ve stood tall and now
I bend my head in front of you,
with the need for your love and forever in need.
Together we could have created such a beautiful life,
I dream of the day I meet the one that is right,
with emotions so strong we all need
someone who makes us feel complete,
but you remain my best friend
I know your out there and will probably see,
as we meet accidentally will talk every night
and as much as we can,
and it will all start just from making a friend!!!

1 comment:

  1. best frnds: nivu arthaisirodu channagide. thank UUUUUUU