Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hard luck

Love is strong and you’re so sweet

some day, dear we got to meet

Just anywhere out in the park

Out on the street, near the temple, church

and in the dark

I followed you through hard times, rejoiced with you

Now just the silent trees stare at us

Who once blew wind and shattered the things which we were holding

Your love is strong and your so sweet

You make me hard, you make me weak

I wait for you until my prince comes

My mind is ripped my heart is torn

And love is strong and your so sweet

your heart is bitter, anyways let your dreams not shatter

I’ve been holding out so long

I’ve been sleeping all alone

I’ve been hanging on the phone

I’ve been haunted in my sleep

You’ve been starring in my dreams

I’ve been waiting in the hall

Been waiting you would come

When the bell rings?

It’s a guy introducing himself….

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