Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Collage; Colours of life.

Well another year has passed by and become history. The year 2008, was a mixture of joys and sorrows. I really don’t want to think of the past. Some moments were sweet, some bitter.
Big blow to me came in the form of accident which was a re birth for me. My vasu’s sad dismiss, my illness all this add on to my sorrowful list. I became a PG holder, made lots of money, started connecting with people and also some good friends brought me abundance of joy in life.
Successful life involves both planning and improvising. Sometimes we actually do need a script for our life. Those scripts that are working well for us (positive habits, for example) should be preserved and treasured. Our moment-to-moment experience should be improvisational. That is, life brings us opportunities, question, and problems to solve, and we respond in real time, trying to make sense out of each challenge or offer.
Failure to plan can have real consequences. Scheduling medical checkups is important. It is important to buy airline tickets in advance, fill up the gas tank before the fuel gauge signals empty, and pay a parking ticket the day you receive it.You are always the one steering the canoe, however. Sometimes on the white-water-rapids course it is both relaxing and exhilarating to be swept along by the swells, oars at rest, watching the scenery and marvelling at the ease of it all. And sometimes we must paddle against the current in order to take a fork in the river.

Planning provided a platform for me to improvise. Taking an improvised step always leads you somewhere. Notice where you are going. May be in the coming year my biggest challenge in front of me would be decision in my marriage and also to find a sustainable job in the media industry. A year is ending and obviously a new year is coming ahead with new hopes. Let’s hope for the best and let god lead my way.

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